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     Michelle Davidson focuses on helping people that have personal and paranormal activity and energy that affects them in their home, property, or business.  This energy could be an uneasy feeling in the dwelling either coming from the person themselves or a spirit that resides at the property. 

     I offer psychic and spiritual cleansings for individuals and their property via appointment in Central and North East Florida.


     After an appointment is made I will do a phone consultation. Upon learning of the issues within the space, “I will do a meditation and then visit the location.”  “I will get messages from the spirits themselves, or guidance to help the property owner regain peace and serenity.

     When I arrive to the property, I will conduct a short interview with the owner to get a synopsis of what is currently going on.  I will then walk the property and meditate and communicate with spirits.  Once I receive  a solution, I will consult with the client and proceed with a spiritual house cleansing including burning sage and other herbs to dissolve the energy and the power the spirit has within. If a spiritual intervention is needed, I will then ask the spirit to cross over to the other side.  A ritual and blessing is then performed on the property to welcome in love and light and keep out all negative energy.

About Me

     Michelle Davidson is a psychic empath and intuitive that specializes in property and house readings, spiritual cleansings, and blessing rituals.

     Michelle’s spiritual journey and service started in 2010, while researching and writing her book, “Florida’s Haunted Hospitality.”

      In her book, she has researched 18 of Florida’s most haunted inns and sites, worked with top paranormal research groups and tours and communicated with spirits to tell their stories and history.

      After the release of her book in 2013, Michelle traveled throughout Florida giving lectures on her book and the paranormal.  She’s been a guest psychic with Apollo Paranormal Investigations, and worked with Mount Dora Ghost Tours.  


Testimonials and Links

  "Michelle's psychic reading was spot on.  Her beautiful house blessing ritual has left my home feeling peaceful and clear once again."

 "I have known Michelle Davidson for 3 years.  She is a published author on ghost hauntings at various locations in the state of Florida.  Michelle is a sensitive empath and intuitive and picks up on energies of spirits and ghosts. She is especially good at obtaining accurate information during readings about friendly spirits and clearing of unwanted energies.  I very much recommend her services for psychic and spiritual cleansings for individuals, homes, and businesses."  -Rev. Ed Conklin

 "If you have a bothersome presence or bad energy in your house or building, Michelle at Psychic Cleansings is the person to call. She has the intuitive ability to channel her higher self to spiritual dimensions  and to connect with the negative energies or spirits to guide them to the light thus clearing all the negative energies in  your space and giving you your peace of mind back."  - Amanda M. St. Augustine, FL

 "My husband's wedding ring fell off in an indoor trampoline park. The sheer size of the facility, the square footage of the foam pits, and the number of foam pits in the building warranted the General Manager to reply "probably never" when asked the probability that my husband's wedding band would be recovered. Several months later, Michelle approached me, and told me she "had a feeling" the ring was found, and to call where I had last had it . Sure enough, it was not only recovered, but someone returned it to management there WITHIN THE PAST FEW DAYS! I was blown away, and had goosebumps. She is the real deal - there is no way she could have guessed this!" -Melissa

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